Āyurveda has been practiced for over 5,000 years, with its roots in India. It is a holistic heath care system focusing on diet, lifestyle and use of herbs to maintain health and facilitate healing. We work on the principle of like increases like, and opposites balance. Using the five great elements of nature and their qualities, we learn to live in harmony with nature, rather than fighting against it, to bring profound healing and enhance the quality of life for all beings. Āyurveda is a Sanskrit word, translating to knowledge, science, or wisdom of life.


I am committed to making Āyurveda accessible to whomever is interested in feeling better in their mind-body-spirit. Articles are posted regularly as one way to give free access to these valuable teachings. My goal is to empower people and communities to take care of themselves, and each other for the benefit of all beings.


I believe that we all have the power to heal ourselves when we are able to tap into the true nature of our beings. By sharing practical tools and suggestions based on your unique needs, you will be guided in the direction of the divine healer that you already are.


Food is medicine. We become what we eat. Any food can be a medicine, and any food can be a poison. And what might be a medicine for you in the cooler seasons could cause dis-ease in the summer months. As we move through the phases of life our medicine changes. Preparing food for ourselves and our loved ones is a spiritual practice.

Daily & Seasonal Routine

The teachings of Āyurveda suggest that the five elements of nature (ether, air, fire, water, earth) exists within us and all around us. These five elements, which come into pairs to form the three doṣas (vāta, pitta, kapha), are more dominant at different times of day, seasons, and phases of life respectively. Moving in tune with these natural rhythms promotes health and well being in body-mind-spirit.

Care Of The Sense Organs

Care of the sense organs is primary for maintaining health and well-being. Our sense organs are the vehicle in which all stimulation is brought into and interpreted by the mind. In fact, misuse of the senses is one the main causes of disease. (asātmyendriyārtha saṃyoga)