Routine & Sense Care

Daily & Seasonal Routine

Dinacaryā & Ṛtucaryā

The teachings of Āyurveda suggest that the five elements of nature (ether, air, fire, water, earth) exists within us and all around us. These five elements, which come into pairs to form the three doṣas (vāta, pitta, kapha), are more dominant at different times of day, seasons, and phases of life respectively.

We are the microcosm within the macrocosm, and as the energy of the day fluctuates so do the energies within our own bodies. What is happening outside of us is also happening within us. Living in tune with nature and the daily and seasonal rhythm is ideal for maintaining health and well-being in body-mind-spirit.

One of the most fundamental principles of Āyurveda is that our routines and dietary choices adjust slightly according to which season we are entering or the dominant climatic forces where we live. By making a conscious effort to live in harmony with the cycles of nature; daily, seasonally, and throughout the life cycle, we support and honor our mind-body-spirit through the transitions. The benefit of first becoming aware, and then making slight adjustments to routine, will make an impactful difference to your overall health and vitality.

“For an intelligent person the whole world is a teacher, hence one should imitate the world after carefully considering the meaning and effects of such actions.”

Aṣtāṅga Hṛdayam, vol. 1, page 31

Care Of The Sense Organs

Care of the sense organs is primary for maintaining health and well-being. Our sense organs are the vehicle in which all stimulation is brought into and interpreted by the mind. In fact, misuse of the senses is one the main causes of disease. (asātmyendriyārtha saṃyoga)

Dinacaryā – Daily Routine

Having stable routines throughout the day, including sense care practices, keeps us grounded and present. As the energy of the doṣas shift from sunrise to sunset and moonrise to moonset different qualities are more or less dominant at different times. Moving with this natural rhythm, brings ease into the day for ourselves and all those around us.

Ṛtucaryā – Seasonal Routine

Seasonal routine includes changes to diet and lifestyle based on the season or climate, as well as the seasons or phase of ones’ life. Different seasons or climate offer different qualities and we maintain balance by honoring the season and caring for ourselves accordingly. As we move through the life process, the qualities in body-mind-spirit change, and we honor our beautiful selves by honoring what the different phases of life have to offer.