Ether – Ākāśa
Sound, Hearing, Ears
Vāta Doṣa
Air – Vāyu
Touch, Skin
Vāta Doṣa
Fire – Agni
Form, Sight, Eyes
Pitta Doṣa
Water – Āpas
Taste, Mouth, Tongue
Kapha & Pitta Doṣa
Earth – Pṛthvī
Odor, Smell, Nose
Kapha Doṣa

I am committed to making the teachings of āyurveda and yoga accessible to anyone with a desire to learn and grow deeper in their understanding of Self. For this reason I offer a wide range of services and resources to help guide you to your inner teacher and the wisdom that already lies within. My goal is to empower people and communities to take care of themselves, and each other for the benefit of all beings.

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I believe that we all have the power to heal ourselves when we are able to tap into the true nature of our beings. I share practical tools, and give suggestions based on your unique needs, while pointing you in the direction of the divine healer that you already are.

Workshops & Community Classes

Coming together as a group, we receive the gift of collective wisdom and shared experience. I truly love teaching and learning, and am grateful to be both a student and a teacher in this life.


I publish articles on a regular basis as a way to share the teachings and some of my personal experience and practice. The opportunity to write and share with you is a mutual gift, as I sort through my own thoughts in the writing process.