I do not have any workshops currently on the schedule, but will be teaching in the summer and fall in Vermont. If you would like to receive an email as the classes and workshops get scheduled, please contact me.

In-home Classes & Private Group Workshops

These in home (or workplace) workshops are a great opportunity to connect with friends and your inner self. They can also be held at a studio or other community space. We will spend a few hours learning about Āyurveda in a relaxed atmosphere that facilitates experiential learning. The workshop can be tailored to your group’s needs and specific areas of interest. We will discuss such things as daily and seasonal routine, the art and importance of self-care, dietary guidelines for different constitutions and stages of life, and other foundational Āyurvedic principles. The event could include cooking, Āyurvedic self oil massage, prānāyāma (breath-work), or yoga āsana (postures).

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