I will be teaching in Arivaca, Arizona and other Southern Arizona communities during the winter and spring. All classes held in Arivaca are offered on a sliding scale for community members. If finances are a barrier, please inquire about available discounts. If you would like to receive an email as the classes and workshops get scheduled, please contact me.

Upcoming Workshops

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  • Saturday & Sunday, March 21st & 22nd: Food As Medicine Nutrition & Cooking Weekend
  • Friday, March 27th : Understanding Ourselves Through The 5 Elements & 3 Doṣas

In-home Classes & Private Group Workshops

These in home (or workplace) workshops are a great opportunity to connect with friends and your inner self. They can also be held at a studio or other community space. We will spend a few hours learning about Āyurveda in a relaxed atmosphere that facilitates experiential learning. The workshop can be tailored to your group’s needs and specific areas of interest. We will discuss such things as daily and seasonal routine, the art and importance of self-care, dietary guidelines for different constitutions and stages of life, and other foundational Āyurvedic principles. The event could include cooking, Āyurvedic self oil massage, prānāyāma (breath-work), or yogāsana (postures).

Food As Medicine

Nutrition & Cooking Weekend

Saturday & Sunday, March 21st & 22nd ✺ 9:30am-3pm
Arivaca Action Center ✺ 15915 Universal Ranch Rd.
Cost – $145 – Lunch Provided – Sliding scale available for community members! Payment in advance by check or cash to:
Regan Wendell, PO Box 615, Arivaca, AZ 85601

This weekend includes cooking demonstrations and lunch on both days. As we begin to see food as medicine, we will explore the qualities of the six tastes and develop an understanding of what foods may be our medicine and what foods may be causing dis-ease in the body-mind-spirit. Together we will prepare healing recipes and explore the healing benefits of culinary spices. Āyurveda considers all substances to be potential medicine when taken in appropriate quantity based on the individual’s needs at the time, including meat. In this class however, all of the foods we will be preparing are vegetarian and for the most part also vegan. We will be preparing ghee (clarified butter), but all of the finished dishes can be made without it.

For questions about the specific foods or to discuss allergies and dietary restrictions, please contact me. I am happy to accommodate specific needs when possible.

Introduction To Āyurveda Workshop
Understanding Ourselves Through The Five Elements & Three Doṣas

Friday, March 27th ✺ 9:30am-12:30pm
Transform Yoga Studio ✺ 175 S. La Cañada, Green Valley

Cost – $45 ✺ Please contact Stacey Bell to register:
520-918-8125 ✺

Learn how to identify the five elements of nature in your own body-mind-spirit in order to better understand your unique constitution. As we explore the principle of, “like increases like, and opposites balance”, you will learn how to support balance and prevent dis-ease through diet and lifestyle choices.