Home Cleansing – Clearing Excess From The Body-Mind-Spirit

Cleansing, or clearing excess from your life, is an important and valuable ritual. Whether it is accumulated toxins, excessive thoughts, undigested emotions, too much activity, or excess belongings in the home, “clearing the clutter” helps to cleanse the body, mind, and spirit. Cleansing can look like many things, and in Āyurveda we always consider the … Continue reading Home Cleansing – Clearing Excess From The Body-Mind-Spirit

Living Yoga and Āyurveda

Many of us have heard the word yoga, especially in the past 10-15 years as the practice has grown popular in the west. Yoga is often thought of as an exercise class, which it is, but not just for the physical body. The physical postures done on the mat, are just one part of this great philosophical, healing system. Āyurveda, which is based on yoga philosophy, is now gaining popularity in the west as well. The two are considered to be “sister sciences”……..
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